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Still working on new stuff

2010-06-26 19:54:09 by Burn7

I'm working on 2 major musical projects currently.

One is titled 'Infernal Domain' and is the 1st project I've ever actually included vocals. It's a metal title influenced by a few different games (Diablo, Doom).

I have the whole song written and mixed, but it's the vocals that's killing me. I've never really been much of a singer, so I've had to try a bunch of different vocal warmups and shit. Another problem is that I've never mixed vocals before so I'm learning what the best way to do it is, and playing around with different effects on my voice. The song itself is very cool, and hopefully I can make it sound just as good as I want it to sound with the vocals included. If I can't then I might just have to cut out the singing and just release an instrumental.

The other one is the Zelda Soundtrack Cover. I keep opening this up, listening to it, changing one or 2 things then losing interest. I just have no idea where I'm going to go from there. I have ideas, but a lot of my time is being taken up by Infernal Domain. I figure when I get that finished I'll have more focus, which will be nice.

By the way, does anyone have a good metal singing voice and/or a decent microphone to record into? Because I'm kind of ready to murder my own voice I've been listening to it so often.

Or maybe just some vocal mixing tips or something?


I posted it without vocals, with a link to the one with vocals. /343758

And now... I focus on Zelda.

Hit me up on Skype

2010-06-13 18:31:05 by Burn7

My ID is 'burn7toast'.

Hit me up if you have Acid Pro questions or anything pertaining to music. Or to just shoot the shit, it's all good with me.

For now, I'll be working to finish my Zelda cover. Damn it's hard btw.

Join my eBand!

2010-05-18 15:12:35 by Burn7

This is kind of a retarded little idea of mine, but I would like to attempt to start an eBand.

We would all write music together, except we just wouldn't practice together at the same time. We would just record our parts, send them to one person who mixes the whole thing together, and then renders it.

I think it would be an awesome idea to jam with people that are pretty far away like this, and I know there are other people who would want to do this too.

So shoot me a PM or something if you want to try this out!

I can use anything you can record/ write in good quality.

I would especially like a drummer and a vocalist since I could do the bass and guitar myself, but if there are more talented guitarists and bassists who want in, that would be cool too.

Awr.... you're so cuuute!

2010-03-10 00:46:33 by Burn7

0 bombing me over and over! You're SOOO CUTE!

Too bad it will never undo the damage I have caused you :D. Enjoy hating me forever and only making me stronger every day.

Just want you to know that when you grow a little pair and can actually confront me, hit me up at my e-mail.

And you know I'm talking to you, douche. So don't pretend like you're hidden behind the veil of the internet. Now that I know who you are, I don't have to be mad at random internet nobodies. I can just laugh at your pathetic struggle to get back at me for something that I am GLAD I did just to spite you.

Enjoy your hatred, because I sure do find it amusing.

Yaaay metal!

2009-11-06 15:30:18 by Burn7

I think I might be taking a break from techno, just because I'm having so much fun actually recording my guitar now.

And... I'm not exactly sure WHY I post these things because nobody reads them lol... Ah well.

Oh yeah, check out me sexy guitar... And be jealous. (The white thingy on it is a pick if you can't tell)

-And yes, that is indeed my mattress underneath it.

Yaaay metal!