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Hi, I'm John. I write music for videos, flashes and fun. I specialize in Metal (all styles) and Techno (harder styles), but I can write really any genre. If you want to collaborate or contact me, just send me a PM or E-mail me.


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Burn7's News

Posted by Burn7 - February 14th, 2012

So I dropped a new song for Valentine's Day. Unlike what you were probably expecting from me (A song like "LOVE CAN DIE IN A FIRE"), it's actually about my current girlfriend. Which I know is going to make a lot of single people very unhappy. But hey, I sympathize with you. I was there for a damn long time, and I'd like to stay out of there as long as I can.

Sooo... I wrote a nice little tune about my girlfriend in the hopes she enjoys it. And hopefully doesn't say "Wow you spent the last few days not hanging out with me writing THIS PIECE OF SHIT?! We're done. Go die in a fire."

Then I will probably write a song called "LOVE CAN DIE IN A FIRE".

Oh yeah, also: I guess I'm making a news post every time I drop a song. Because... why the hell not!? Apparently some people care, so I might as well show them I care back.

... Somewhat :D


Check out my Facebook! I've got all kinds of stuff on there! Like... Music! And... Uh... Other kewl things! Like... More music!

Posted by Burn7 - February 7th, 2012

This thing is pretty damn sexy :3 I enjoy it thoroughly, and will enjoy continuing to submit my musical works to this amazing site!


Posted by Burn7 - February 6th, 2011

Hey, you apparently listened to one of my songs because now you're here. So drop me a comment on what I should do next! I'm always taking suggestions and even though (for the most part) I write for fun, I also like to hear what you guys like.

Feedback is the only way I'm going to get any better. Otherwise all my shit is gonna end up sounding the same. I believe it's a thing called "Dragonforce Syndrome", which in it's early stages is also referred to as "Every Song Sounds The Fucking Same-Itis".

So drop me a line! Err Comment!


- I have a facebook. Simply search for "Burn7", and that should be me, or you can click that link over there. So add me, "Like" me, tell your friends, request songs, do all kinds of Facebook stuff. THANKS FOR BEING AN INDIE SUPPORTER! :D


- I don't have a lot of free time anymore. So if you ask me to do a song, if it's something that I don't really feel that motivated to do then I may not do it. I'm sorry, but it's what happens when you need money and have to get a job.

- I probably won't be responding to every single review anymore. I used to, and I took pride in doing so. But, again, due to the seriously limited amount of time that I can dedicate to Newgrounds and music stuff I just can't anymore. So if you're like "Why has he responded to every review but mine?" it's because I don't have time. I read every single one, I just don't respond to all of them anymore.

I'll update this post as time goes on, and leave a little "Edit date x/x/x" note on each update.

Thanks for listening to my stuff! You're all badasses!

Posted by Burn7 - December 24th, 2010

Hey, I'm dirt goddamn poor but need a new/different guitar. Anybody got anything they were thinking of trading or getting rid of? I'm also willing to trade my current guitars as well. I'm looking to move up from what I have, but really anything would be nice.

I currently have a B.C. Rich Trace Warbeast with a few issues:

- (Using the linked picture as a reference) It has a rather large chip on the bottom left corner, and a few scratches in the finish on the back.

- I lost the mechanism to keep the whammy bar in it's place, so I have the bar i just can't keep it attached to the guitar. Because of this, the floyd rose is basically useless to me.

- The guitar's intonation is pretty bad when you get to the higher frets, which is easily fixable with a trip to Guitar Center (Or if you know how to do it. I'm just REALLY lazy about it).

- The jack is loose but it makes a solid connection.

I also have a Behringer iAXE 393 USB-interfacing guitar. I have used this only once or twice, and probably for no more than 30 mins each. There really isn't anything wrong with this guitar other than I don't really like the feel of it. The USB and headphone plug-ins work, and there is nothing physically wrong with it. I also have the CD that came with the guitar that includes 3 Native Instruments "Combo" digital amp demos and a serial code for the full version of one of those digital amps.

The last guitar I'm willing to trade would be my first guitar, an Ibanez Gio. This is an amazing low-mid range level guitar. As much as I love how easy this guitar is to play, it's not very well suited for my current needs.

I figured I'd ask around here before I go Ebaying/Craigstlisting since I would be using the guitar to write music to put on NG. You know, giving back to the community that gave to you and all that.

Posted by Burn7 - September 8th, 2010

I hate to say it, but the EBoG might be over. I can't keep track of everything anymore, so I stepped down as the guy in charge. I'd love to see it continue, but it might not.

Sorry to everyone who was involved, sorry that we didn't get to the later rounds and that we didn't get to hear more solos.

Posted by Burn7 - August 27th, 2010

I've decided to start recording guitar for anybody who wants me to. I've noticed there are a lot of people who would like a real guitar sound but don't have access to one. So I decided "Screw it, why the hell not help someone out?". I am doing this for free, just PM me or add me on either MSN or Skype and we'll talk.

So do you have a synth guitar that you'd like to sound more realistic? Ask me to do it for you! Have a solo that you wish sounded cooler? Let me give it a shot!

Also, I suppose Mercenary is the wrong term since I'm not charging anything. But I think I'd rather go with that then "Burn7, Guitar Whore".

Guitar Mercenary

Posted by Burn7 - August 8th, 2010

FINALLY My cast is off and I can once again metal it up. I'm not quite as good as I used to be, but I'm trying to make up for that with some hardcore biting riffs and facemelting technical solos.

So HERE'S part 1 of what is to become my future: Metal explosiveness.

Posted by Burn7 - July 22nd, 2010

So... yeah. I exploded my fingers. So for about 3 weeks I wont be able to record anything, or even type with 2 hands.

I've decided to put out the current version of my Zelda Soundtrack Cover since it will be such a long time before it will be finished.

Zelda Soundtrack Cover V2

Hope you enjoy it, and I'll be back in 3 weeks!

Also, here's what my hand looks like

Broke my fingers.

Posted by Burn7 - July 2nd, 2010

Since I've been asked quite a bit, here's all of my equipment and whatnot.

DAW Platforms and Audio editing stuff:
- Cubase 5
- Acid Pro 7.0c
- Sound Forge 9.0c
- Finale 2009

VST and VSTI's:
- XLN Audio's Addictive Drums
- Native Instruments Pro-53
- Garritan Aria: Instruments for Finale 2009
- Tweakbench Peach
- Tweakbench Triforce
- Tweakbench Toad
- Native Instrument's MASSIVE
- Magnus Choir

- BC Rich Warbeast (Tuned to D standard/Drop C)
- Peavey FURY II Bass Guitar
- Line 6 Spider III 75w Amplifier
- Digitech RP90 Processor
- A shitload of cables and connectors.

Posted by Burn7 - June 26th, 2010

I'm working on 2 major musical projects currently.

One is titled 'Infernal Domain' and is the 1st project I've ever actually included vocals. It's a metal title influenced by a few different games (Diablo, Doom).

I have the whole song written and mixed, but it's the vocals that's killing me. I've never really been much of a singer, so I've had to try a bunch of different vocal warmups and shit. Another problem is that I've never mixed vocals before so I'm learning what the best way to do it is, and playing around with different effects on my voice. The song itself is very cool, and hopefully I can make it sound just as good as I want it to sound with the vocals included. If I can't then I might just have to cut out the singing and just release an instrumental.

The other one is the Zelda Soundtrack Cover. I keep opening this up, listening to it, changing one or 2 things then losing interest. I just have no idea where I'm going to go from there. I have ideas, but a lot of my time is being taken up by Infernal Domain. I figure when I get that finished I'll have more focus, which will be nice.

By the way, does anyone have a good metal singing voice and/or a decent microphone to record into? Because I'm kind of ready to murder my own voice I've been listening to it so often.

Or maybe just some vocal mixing tips or something?


I posted it without vocals, with a link to the one with vocals.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /343758

And now... I focus on Zelda.