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Something Different

2016-05-17 02:04:50 by Burn7


Here's another update video thingy and some more music. Yaaay not being completely, entirely antisocial! 




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2016-05-17 12:23:34

How-to's. Yeah, I did one on making SEGA Genesis music. Should make an updated one for Mixcraft 7.


2016-05-17 18:54:21

While I don't plan on writing my own music anytime soon, I'm definitely interested in your process, so I'll give it a watch. Went ahead and subbed to you too so I can catch any other tuts you drop in the future ^^


2017-06-27 11:02:34

(stares blankly into space while loafing around)
Where the fuck are you these days? Your usual gap in between projects has been lengthy, and your stal....followers have been eagerly awaiting a new piece of glorious ear tingling delight, or some lovely eye gouging delight!

Come on out of the shadows....we need...the Burn7 feelz!

Burn7 responds: