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Hi, I'm John. I write music for videos, flashes and fun. I specialize in Metal (all styles) and Techno (harder styles), but I can write really any genre. If you want to collaborate or contact me, just send me a PM or E-mail me.


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Same old brand new song and dance

Posted by Burn7 - July 20th, 2015

Hey Newgrounders and other folks as well! 

I decided I need to break away from the negativity of my last post and do something productive. Have you heard the new Doom song I recently put up? I worked my shit really trying to make it sound good, so I hope SOMEBODY liked it :D 

I ended up posting a video showing which parts are from which levels etc etc, check that out if you'd like:


In other me-related news: I'm in a band, need a job, broke my recording equipment (which is why the doom song was posted as a WiP), am undergoing psychiatric care for mental instability issues and also just lost my car! I also have basically zero dollars to my name and may have to move in with my racist grandmother soon! 

Maybe all that doesn't sound like "Good News" but hey, it's better than crying into an online forum about how sad everything is because, like it or not: That's motherfucking life. And you either roll with and deal with it orrrrrr you get bowled over and super mega depressed. Which is a place I know all too well and am eager to steer clear of. 

If you're in the mood for other video game cover-y tracks I've done check these out: 

Nephalem (Diablo) [2014]
That 1 Pokemon Song (Pokemon Series) [2013]
Mortal Kombat Character Select (Mortal Kombat 3? I think??) [2011]
Falling (Zelda Gerudo Valley Cover) [2011]

In the future I want to do some "Let's play" sort of stuff, but am unsure of exactly how, when, where, or even whether I really want to do that or not. 

Time will tell, but until then I'll just keep dicking around with my music! 

Enjoy the rest of your day! And I actually mean that. Try something new, reach out to a friend. You're worth fucking more than you lead yourself to believe. 

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I got to say I really like your doom Soundtrack cover - suite 666! :D It's badass! If you want to some time you can take a look at what I like to call art comics. I posted a new one called "Uncomfortably Hard". I'm not the best comedian in the world but some of them are pretty funny. :D

I took a look at your stuff, you have potential kind sir! Just keep exercising it and push it in the way you want to go and you'll do just fine :)

Thanks for the kind words, my friend.

Hey Burn7,
I really liked your Doom WiP, and I look forward to the time when it will no longer be WiP -- as a clue regarding me; I write longer reviews for things I really like, (even if the reviews are a big critical).

I am not particularly pro-active on NG community, but I have been here a long time (this account 2011 but a previous account from a few years before then) . Reviewing and scoring...

I want to add a viewpoint to your excellent last few news articles, I'm sorry we don't know each other better to make this point more sincerely. but, I hope it'll reaffirm what you already know and will be useful:

i) Selling music online. Don't "sell", instead ask people to donate, add a Payal button or similar, because people who Care, people who follow you and give you feedback on NG (and elsewhere) will give you credit and give you credits, and they will do so willingly, it's a complex business model but essentially it absolves you of any responsibility overheads beyond being yourself, and keeping your audience engaged (or even just informed). And with your news feeds and your writings about your works, that's done in spades.

ii) After reading your news post -above- and the preceding post, I do sincerely wish you the best of luck and good hope getting your shit together, I know that that means exactly fuck all in real terms, but life is a bastard, and I for one am sat here thinking to myself "This is a sound guy, how can I help him?" . I can't help you much but I can wish you do get through the crud and come out the other side, stronger and wiser....and when you do please say hi to NG!

You know, you're very helpful. Also: Insightful. And I appreciate that greatly.

I actually considered doing a "donate" button WAY before I ever tried to sell my music, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work.

I am kicking my own ass daily for not figuring that out sooner. But either way, I'm sure somewhere down the line I'll make one happen. That is, if I feel like my work even merits a "donate" button down the line.

Don't worry too much about me. I have a shitty, terrible amount of things I'm working through. But if I do make it through with a clear head and battle scars then I will be that much better for it all.

At least that's what I'm hoping for and being told. Truthfully I have very little evidence to support this. That doesn't mean I'm going to focus on the negatives however and will continue to do my best to support myself so that I might be able to help and support others down the line.

Thank you dearly for your words of kindness and wisdom.

I'll be around <3



Also: Thank you <3

So after a very long, emotional, and eventful hiatus from this site I've come back, and of course I checked my fave peeps first. I'm so sorry things haven't been working out sir! But as you said, that's life. Hopefully thins have improved some since this post was made. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose been wondering about ya! If you can, please post an update on how you're doing. Keep rocking in any way you can!