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Pre-EP Song Releases

2012-11-10 14:46:48 by Burn7

Hey, look! I'm still writing original pieces!

I think what I'm going to end up doing with my album is releasing it song-by-song instead of one huge chunk. That way people can actually enjoy the shit I've spent so much damn time on.

Everyone has waited long enough, and I've slaved over the same damn minuscule details long enough.

Also: Here's the album cover. Cause you know that shit is legit when it's got an album cover.

(Why did I spell out "Seven"? Because that's how you say it phonetically anyway so FUCK YEAH BURN SEVEN!)

Pre-EP Song Releases


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2012-11-10 23:11:45

Dude when and where and ill download dat heavy shit in a second also FALLING BACK SOUNDS FUCKING ORGASMIC PROPS TO DA BOSS ZELDA COVER!!!!!

Burn7 responds:

Haha thanks dude. I'm trying to do it justice, I'm re-recording most parts and remixing the vocals and all that so that it sounds awesome.

And I'm slowly leaking bits and pieces of the album out over the next little while. So stick around and you'll see ;D


2012-11-10 23:36:53

I'll probably have that album on repeat for awhile :P and sick cover dude :D

Burn7 responds:

Heh, glad you liked it. It only took me like 5 mins cause I'm TERRIBLE with photomanip stuff and decided if i didn't just pump something out fast I was going to over-complicate it like I always do with music. So BOOM, cover in 5 mins.

But hell yeah, I'm so glad this is finally happening :3


2012-11-15 01:38:19

how come im never alowed to make you album covers lol jokin, this is sick though just ike your music

Burn7 responds:

Haha... I guess that's my bad, I'm sorry dude D:

When I release singles I'll have to ask you to pump out some sick covers for me :3


2012-11-18 09:25:32

Do you have a little idea when the album will be out? Because i can't wait!!!

Burn7 responds:

Soon, Techwilliam... Very soon :3