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Hi, I'm John. I write music for videos, flashes and fun. I specialize in Metal (all styles) and Techno (harder styles), but I can write really any genre. If you want to collaborate or contact me, just send me a PM or E-mail me.

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First Full-Length Album :D

Posted by Burn7 - April 8th, 2012

Awh yeah. This is happening.

It's been a while, Newgrounds. A good long while... It's been AGES since I've done something remotely interesting for all of the grand fucking 12 people who look at my profile.

But that hiatus (or however you spell that word) is ABOUT TO BE PUT ON HIATUS.

I am now working part-time and have told my girlfriend "What's UP?!" in order to place the majority of my time towards finishing my first Album and EP, "Burn7's Currently Untitled Album And/Or EP". Also codenamed "The Incendiary EP" on account of my name being Burn7 and all. And I guess also because of the fire-related imagery, but I'm thinking of actually selling copies doused in gasoline. That part's still just an idea though.

I've been working on bits and pieces of this for a while, but haven't gotten down to really organizing it all and mixing/mastering and distributing it. That's something I intend on changing.

So, throughout the month I'll make updates on how I'm doing, what I'm doing, and how far along I am. Hopefully at least ONE person is interested. And has $4,000 to throw at me to fund another album. Because if not... After this one, I'm breaking my guitar, my amplifier and my computer and living the rest of my life as an Amish gentleman.


(All percents are complete and total estimations. I'm a musician, not a math magician. Unless they're 100%, then I'm pretty damn sure it's done. Or, at least, I'll be okay with uploading it in it's current form)


0) Combustion Dynasty (A Fiery Prologue)
- 100% Recorded, 100% Mixed/Mastered

1) Silverlight Is Just Mediocre (Original Title: "The Weredragon")
- 90% Recorded, 50% Mixed/Mastered

2) Falling Back (Cover of Zelda Gerudo Valley Remix by Darangen, VoX)
- 80% Recorded

3) Seventeen
- 75% Recorded

4) Reprimand, And Let It Go (VoX)
- 100% Recorded, 50% Mixed/Mastered

5) Infernal Domain (Original Title: "Fight The Devil!")
- 50% Recorded, 25% Mixed/Mastered

6) Pokeballs of Steel (Original Title: "Pokemon R/B Battle WiP")
- 30% Recorded

7) I Have Advanced (VoX)
- 90% Recorded, 75% Mixed/Mastered

8) The Obligatory Zelda Overworld Cover AND FRIENDS!(Original Title: "Zelda Cover WiP")
- 20% Recorded

9) Limelight
- 20% Recorded, 0% Mixed/Mastered

10) Three Freaking Dragonites?!
- 5% Recorded

11) Conclusion Omega
- 100% Recorded, 50% Mixed/Mastered

12) Hellknights, For Breakfast!
- 70% Recorded, 25% Mixed/Mastered

13) Dragons > Unicorns
- 99% Recorded, 75% Mixed/Mastered

14) Universal Immolation (An Infernal Prologue)
- 0% Recorded

(?) 15) Dragon Master (Lance Detuned)

Comments (16)


Indeed it is :3

I'm glad you approve! Thanks, dude! :D

I wanttt
This is gonna be sicknasty

Heh, I hope it will be :3

I'm pretty excited about finally having a real honest album out, so I hope others are similarly excited about it :D


Aaaawwwwhhhh yeeeeeeah :)

Haha... Thanks Dude :DDD

A huge good job on the album! Also, I have to write this somewhere, I just love your sense of humor. I can't help but lol at almost everything you write xD

Hah! Well thanks, dude. At first I was trying to sort of be funny, but over time it's kind of degraded into me just ranting and typing about anything and everything.

But, I suppose if it's entertaining or funny for some people then I must be doing SOMETHING right :3

Thanks for taking the time to tell me that. In all honesty, my humor-related self esteem has been taking a bunch of hits since my girlfriend doesn't understand my humor. This comment was actually quite the little minor confidence boost ^_^!

Good luck with the recording/mixing/mastering that remains to be done.
Shit will be cash. Im fucking looking forward to this helluwa bitchin' album!

Thanks man... The mixing and mastering is actually the part I'm looking forward to. I've found a new love in polishing my music to sound as professional as I can, so when it's all said and done I can listen to it and think "Wow, I actually made that."

Most of the stuff that I release on Newgrounds isn't really ULTRA mixed and mastered, but this album will have major special attention paid to it :3

Hells yeah, looking forward to this :D. I only wish I could donate that $4000 you want. If I can get myself a good job after finishing college, totally sending some green your way bro ;D

Oh my God if you could send me ANY sort of cash I would write a song just for you. Because, seriously... I'm so damn broke xD

It's one of the reasons I haven't been able to spend as much time writing music, because I have to spend all my time working!

(Also my girlfriend is the other time-sucker in my life)

But I promise, this album will not disappoint.

I can't wait for the mixed/mastered version of Fight the Devil, thats my personal favorite amoung your work. It makes me imagine having an epic battle against my inner demon. Good work and good luck, I look forward to buying the album soon. - Sephiose

Haha! Well this might make you happy: I'm paying extra special attention to that one :3

It's got a newer feel with interlacing countermelodies without taking away from the feel of the original. I've also updated all of the vocals, effects and virtual instruments so that it sounds WAY more intense.

Also: The female VoX in it are becoming SEXY AS FUCKING GOD ALL HELL!!!!!!

So, in short, this one is definitely one I'm glad I'm remixing :D

I only uncovered your work very recently, and have yet to listen to all of it, but have thoroughly enjoyed what I have. I too will be looking forward to it :).

Hey, well thanks man! I'm glad that I'm still being discovered from time to time by those who enjoy my style and similar styles and genres of music.

I'll be sure to let you know when it's released! :D

I'm glad that you're improving/getting recognized. Give it a few more months, (maybe a bit more than a few:P) and I'm sure you'll be on your way. Nice work.

I hope you make shipment to Portugal x) I'm whilling to buy your album. It's been a long time since I first made an enconter with your profile. Your music is pretty good and whenever I go on my brother's car, we listen to most of your tracks, specially that pokémon final battle with lance. Hardcore, man :P

Filthy deliciousness. Do want. Now.

Burn7, you're not talking on Skype at all recently, haha. So THIS is what you've been doing? Damn, mate. send a copy my way and I'll send you 50 bucks! It's a promise! (obviously, I'll tell you once I have the 50 bucks)

Hope it's smooth grinding on your end! ;D

Hi, I guess I'm person number 12.

I would gladly pay money for this. Definitely looking forward to it!

three freaking dragonites?! just sounds like an interesting tittle lol. your stuff is awesome though, maybe ill have to make you more fan art to celebrate the album lol.

Hey man :)

No full version of E2M9? :( Unless Hellknights, for Breakfast is that... I personally thought that your E2M9 Remaster was one of your best tracks, although if you are selling this EP, there could be copyright issues with that if you put it on the EP?

Yo bro. I just wanted to let you know (even though you're probably never gonna read this) that you are slowly but surely making me into a better guitarist. I'm so friggin happy cuz I just figured out how to play the section from 1:52- 2:09 in "Dragons > Unicorns" so I just thought I'd let you know that. I also put up that drawing that I mentioned if you're interested. Thanks man.