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Hi, I'm John. I write music for videos, flashes and fun. I specialize in Metal (all styles) and Techno (harder styles), but I can write really any genre. If you want to collaborate or contact me, just send me a PM or E-mail me.


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Comments (13)

Haha, Acid just got burned! (No pun intended..well..not really. Haha)

That really sucks though :( I really enjoyed your music. You should switch to FL Studio, it's what I've been using for the past 5 years of my music experience. But, what's been up? My birthday is 15 minutes from now. Just another day for me, really. haha

Hey, happy cake day!

It might be just another day for you, and yea... it's just another day for me too. But, somebody's gotta acknowledge your continued existence. And what better way than to count forwards into your own quickly advancing mortality!

Birthdays are so fickle. When you're young, they're an excuse to get everything you want for a day and to gain false respect for a brief period of time. But as you age, birthdays become a macabre celebration of another year where you didn't die.

ANYWAY... I tried FL Studio a while ago, and while I really enjoyed it's ease of use and great VST's (Sytrus is fucking cool), it's less than intuitive with live recording and tracking. So I'm thinking Protools or Reaper.

Interesting. Gonna have to remember this news post for the future.

:3 Thanks for even checking it out in the present :D

(Or what is now, if you read this again, the past)

I'm sorry for your recent break up. There's plenty of fish in the sea out there...

I'm here, if you need to talk.

I was thinking Pro Tools would be able to fill that gap in my heart, but in all reality I feel like I might come crawling back to Cubase to see if she'll take me back...

Ah, quiting drugs, good for you.
HA, no but seriously, I dont know what Sony Acid is. But, good for ya :D

Sony Acid is my music creation software.

But I also did recently give up smoking marijuana :)

Worst mistake of my life.



Sony thinks their coding is perfect and the rest of the world just doesn't understand, but after I bought a Digital8 (Sony's version of Hi8) camera, I'll never buy another product from them again.

They should stick to Walkmans made in China, and learn to adapt to the software that's already running the world, instead of hiding in their own little emo world.

What they SHOULD do is stick with hardware (PS3, Flatscreens etc) and leave software to developers who actually give a shit.

How about Ejay? :P

I have had great results with using FL Studio for live recording. But even so, you could always use something else for it. FL Studio is too damn good to just abandon for another software because one particular feature isn't quite up to par.

Thanks dude! Haha yeah man, turned 16 today. When I was younger, birthdays were "ZOMG DA BEST DAY EVER" nowadays, birthdays are just another day, turning 16 isn't nearly as exciting as I imagined it to be as a little kid, haha. But yeah, IMO, best thing about birthdays is celebrating them with other people. All I really want for my birthday is just a little extra respect from my friends, and some birthday wishes, and I got both those things. :D And yeah, haha. that's the way I always think of it, just celebrating another number without dying. :P

Yeah, FL definitely has some awesome free VST's, can't go wrong with Sytrus, awesome stuff. But true, live recording and tracking can both be a pain in the ass to do in FL. as you've heard by my music, I've clearly done it, haha. Just..it can be kind of annoying having to select every individual clip that you want to mix, and sometimes the transitions sound like shit etc xD

Never did really use Protools, I tried Reaper but didn't really understand how it worked, as i didn't have enough patience at the time

I still use Acid (version 6 I might add) from time to time, but also use LMMS, which also has its issues. (Version 0.4.13 tends to crash while using third-party VSTs.) Anyway, maybe you should consider Presonus Studio One. (Sinthetic Voice suggested this to me.)

Dude FUCK acid
Good on you to leave her.

I just ditched Cubase for REAPER. And i've been sooooooooooo happy ever since.
And omg the price savings is right!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first when I read the title I thought you were talking about drugs.

Cockos Reaper or PreSonus Studio One are fantastic.
I'm getting my PreSonus FireStudio Project in the mail on Monday, and I'm super fucking psyched.

Best of luck.