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2018 Submissions

Astral Bossfight Video Game Loop
ToN - Episode 31 Teaser Storytelling Podcast
One Must Fall 2097 Title Video Game Song
Out of Time Miscellaneous Song
Fight of the Bug Monsters Miscellaneous Song
Energy Control Cannon Heavy Metal Song
Tales of Nowhere - Rylatar Cinematic Song
Sumerian Infiltration Miscellaneous Song
Tales of Nowhere - Hondo Bluegrass Song
Tales of Nowhere - Thane Synthwave Song
Fate is Real in Fairy Tales Miscellaneous Song
Cell Theme Tribute [DBZ] Techno Song
Depths of Wickedness Video Game Song
The Surgeon [DOOM] Video Game Song
Heroes Never Die Video Game Song
Overwatch Time (Old) Video Game Song
Gel Miscellaneous Song
Salvage Heavy Metal Song
Disreapair Heavy Metal Song
Resplendent Obsession Techno Song
Forgive My Fears Experimental Song
[GameJam] - Level 3: Skittzo Video Game Loop
[GameJam] - Level 2: "Stache Malone" Video Game Loop
[GameJam] - Level 1: Jimmy the Tutorial Video Game Loop
B7 - Dragon Spirit Heavy Metal Loop
B7 - Doom Tribute WiP Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Asteroid Panic! Video Game Loop
B7 - Theoretical Physics Video Game Loop
B7 - Void Corsair Video Game Loop
B7 - Boss Battle Video Game Loop
B7 - Unnamed Title Track Video Game Loop
B7 - NeveRaveN Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Ascetic Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Nephalem Video Game Song
B7 - Clocking the Status Quo Heavy Metal Song
B7 - How I Would Do It Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Essence Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Destiny's End Heavy Metal Song
B7 - DaerkynVolt Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Run Amok Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Elzzup Experimental Song
B7 - Mark of Nefertem Heavy Metal Song
B7 - BusMode Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Shitless Lunatic Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Reprimand, Let It Go General Rock Song
B7 - I Have Advanced Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Rocky Finesse Experimental Song
B7 - Projectile Cats~! Experimental Loop
B7 - Universal Immolation Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Destiny's End WiP Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Selfish Heavy Metal Song
B7 - That 1 Pokemon Song Video Game Song
B7 - Lose The Flowers General Rock Song
B7 - Number Seventeen Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Unbirth The World Heavy Metal Song
[B7]1 - The Weredragon II Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Sexigesimal Heavy Metal Song
B7 - A Pierce of Flesh Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Blasphemy Hip Hop - Modern Loop
B7 - Dragons > Unicorns Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Combustion Remix Industrial Song
B7 - Love Burns Dance Song
B7 - Tomahawk Heavy Metal Song
(B7) Carol of 10,000 Hells Heavy Metal Song
(B7) Combustion Dynasty Heavy Metal Song
B7 - What? A Chiptune?! Video Game Loop
B7 - Severed Unto Twice Heavy Metal Loop
B7 - Shrapnel Tornado Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Firetongue Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Frosted Underwear Video Game Song
B7 - I Am Defeated Classical Song
B7 - Twyrlwhinde Fax Mach Video Game Song
B7 - And So Our Story Ends Jazz Song
B7 - Falling (Zelda Cover) Video Game Song
B7 - Riptide? WIP Techno Song
B7 Pokemon But W/Animals Theme General Rock Song
B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover General Rock Song
B7 - Into The Unknown V2 Techno Song
B7 - Riffy Metal Song Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Mortal Kombat Menu Metal Video Game Loop
B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster Video Game Song
B7 - All I've Got Left Techno Song
B7 - Pokemon R/B Battle W Video Game Song
B7 - Maximum (WiP) Heavy Metal Song
B7 - A punk deathmetal so Punk Song
B7 - Oh... Shit! Run! (wi Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Doom E2M9 Cover WIP Video Game Song
B7 - Ultra Pwr Rngrs (no Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Power Rangers Ultimate Heavy Metal Song
B7 - I Bleed Fire Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Psychosis Pt. 2 Video Game Song
B7 - Psychosis Pt. 1 Video Game Song
B7 - The Weredragon Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Torn Asunder (W/o Vo Heavy Metal Song
B7 - Kenosis Evasion Techno Song
B7 - Skullgnasher (WIP) Heavy Metal Loop
Zelda Cover WIP v2 Video Game Song
B7 - Remnant Video Game Song
Fight The Devil! Heavy Metal Song
Zelda Cover V1 (WIP) Video Game Song
B7 - Galactic Patronage Trance Song
Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final Video Game Loop
Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Video Game Song
Killer Instinct Theme Mix Video Game Song
B7 - Infernus Heavy Metal Song
Ominous Intrigue Techno Song
-B7- The Showdown Video Game Song
Halo 2 Theme Redux (WIP) Video Game Song
-B7- Violet Poison Miscellaneous Song
-B7- 7he Experiment Techno Song
Sonic - Breaking 7he Barrier Video Game Song
A Piece of Thrash (Final) Heavy Metal Song
Dragonforce Style! (WIP) Heavy Metal Song
-B7- [Lighter] Dance Song
-B7- Melodica Techno Song
-B7- Into The Unknown {Fi Techno Song
-B7- Space Entropy Video Game Song
-B7- Epic Struggle Video Game Loop