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Something Different

2016-05-17 02:04:50 by Burn7

Hey Newgrounds! 

I'm finally coming out of my shell a little bit and creating something that isn't just music! I mean, yeah... It's music-related. But what I want to do with it is show anyone and everyone that they can write music and to provide the tools and guidance on how to do it! I recently posted a remixing of a song I wrote as tribute to the Overwatch main theme. In this video I made I go over each part that I can and try to explain what went into making the song. 

In the future I guarantee these videos will be more polished and I'll create more how-to's on the subject of writing music. I'm still pretty new at this and shy to boot, but I'll absolutely try my best to make it an experience worth your time if you choose to check it out. 

Wish me luck, hopefully there's more to come!



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2016-05-17 12:23:34

How-to's. Yeah, I did one on making SEGA Genesis music. Should make an updated one for Mixcraft 7.


2016-05-17 18:54:21

While I don't plan on writing my own music anytime soon, I'm definitely interested in your process, so I'll give it a watch. Went ahead and subbed to you too so I can catch any other tuts you drop in the future ^^